Free Fire Diamond TopUp Via Login(No indian Region and Indonesian Region)

Free Fire Diamond TopUp Via Login(No indian Region and Indonesian Region)
  • Delivery mode: Direct Topup VIA UID AND Username
  • Delivery time: 30 mins
  • Platform: Android, IOS
  • Region: Nepal
  • Publisher: Garena
  • Developer: 111dots Studio
  • Genre: Battle royale game
Product available

Note: Bonus diamonds does not count in top up events!
(Customers will not be provided with any refunds if the provided UID is of other region.) 


Free Fire is the ultimate mobile experience. Each 10-minute game takes place on a remote island and puts you against 49 other players.

Using their parachute, players can choose their starting point and aim to stay as long as possible in the safe zone. Get in a vehicle and drive across the enormous map, or stay hidden by moving under grass. Whether you want to ambush, snipe, or survive, the only goal is survival and becoming the apex of them all. Top Up Free Fire to enhance your gaming experience right now.

Provide Us Your Freefire ID and Password 

  1. In order to avoid the Top-up of the Wrong Account or to avoid a delay, you should enter your account information correctly.
  2. On the above cases, no refunds or code exchanges will be considered applicable or provided.
  3. Region Restriction:
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