Invest in Nepal’s top Gaming E-Commerce Webite Kunyo.Co and earn 3% interest Monthly.
Your money will be mobilized in the following things:-

    1. Importing computer parts from US, China, Singapore & Hongkong and selling in Nepal.
    2. Importing mouse, keyboard, mousepads and other gaming devices and selling in Nepal.
    3. Buying and selling digital codes (giftcards) Steam, Apple, Google and iTunes codes.
    4. Amount will be invested in subsidiaries of Kunyo.Co for advertisement and investment to import goods.
    5. Amount will be invested in other new projects of Kunyo.Co which will be established in future.

All the amount you invest will be done through Government Papers and will be verified by a lawyer.
For more info email us at or call us at ‎‎9841945166

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